Date Night: The Movies

The traditional dinner and a movie, a time honored classic that can be the perfect date. Dinner and a movie is ideal for a first date or for a couple that has been in a relationship for a long time.  Here’s my take on how to do it right.

First try switching up the order, how many of you have sat through an awkard dinner where there is nothing to talk about and you can’t wait to get into the movie theatre where not talking is not only acceptable but encouraged.

A perfect way to combat this potentially awkward situation is to go to the MOVIE FIRST (mind blown), then when all else fails you can talk about the movie you just saw or that one preview you liked or the person in front of you that wouldn’t stop talking. You might want to try to go to an earlier showtime so you arent sitting down to eat dinner at 10:30 pm but other than that there really are no flaws to this one little trick that can save a date.

Another good thing about this is that you will be less tempted to buy a ton of snacks and popcorn because you know you are eating after so it’s a good way to try to save on junk food if you are a somewhat health conscious person such as myself.

Try “Movie & A Dinner” on your next date!


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