Date Night: Road Trip

Took a trip to Pittsburgh this weekend to see my Pirates play, had to go down and check it out the first series of the season at PNC Park. It’s kind of a hike to do in one day but it is doable if you split some of the drive. Teamwork is key in relationships! (I drove the whole way back after the game)

My girlfriend and I have been trying to eat healthier and leaving at 8 A.M posed a concern of what to do for breakfast, and lunch for that matter. For breakfast I had the idea of doing overnight oats, I have never attempted this before and once I said I have never done it she was a little but skeptical but we tried it out anyways. So I did some research and the general rule I seemed to find was to do the same amount of milk as you do oats, so if you use 1/2 cup of oats, you use a 1/2 cup of milk, 3/4 cup oats, 3/4 milk, and so on. If you add to much it can be really liquid and not set up as much. IMG_1317

Other than that it seemed like you could throw just about anything you wanted to in there which is perfect for me because I love the opportunity to be creative. We decided to use 3/4 of oats, mostly because we didn’t know how much we could fit in the shorter, squatty mason jars, which ended up to be perfect and easier to hold in the car than the bigger ones. We brought two different kinds to test out and see what we would like, one with some brown sugar, honey, blackberries, and flax seed. (absolutely delicious) The other one we added chia seed, flax seed, sliced almonds, peanut butter and just a tiny bit of honey. (also delicious) We brought some extra almonds and blackberries to throw on top right before we ate them.

These turned out amazing, I will definitely be adding overnight oats to my regular breakfast menu and they were perfect to eat on the go. Not easy enough to eat and drive but for the passenger it was a breeze, so we split the drive down to Pittsburgh so we could both eat, she ate, then at around 9:30 we switched and she drove while I ate. Not only were they delicious, they were filling and helped me get through the drive for sure.



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