Date Night: Day Date

I know the thought of going on a date in the day terrifies a lot of my friends. It is way easier to meet for drinks after work, or go get dinner, or just sit and chat at a coffee shop in the evening.

The day date is just as easy! If it is a nice day… I would not suggest doing this on a really cold day or a day with rain unless you dress accordingly. There are plentiful options and this to do in Rochester, NY. (For you locals, yes there actually is.)

My favorite place to start a day date is village gate in downtown Rochester. They have a bunch of cool shops and different style restaurants to meet any appetite or mood. My favorite is the gatehouse it’s fairly casual and the food is amazing. 

After lunch it’s a 4-5 minute walk to the Memorial Art Gallery and if you’re a college student make sure you bring your I.D because admission is only 5 bucks if you do! They have a bunch of exhibits and you can check before on their website–>

Now you’re all set to forget about date night and take on date day!!


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