Date Night Tips & Tricks

Hey everybody! I thought a good first place to start would be with some tips and tricks for a successful date night.

Some general tips for a beginner cook:

1. Get a chefs knife. I use one I found at Marshall’s, it was less than $20 and will make your life so much easier if you plan on cooking even a little bit.

2. Plan ahead so all components of the dish are ready at the same time. Nothing worse than piping hot rice and ice cold chicken.

3. Clean as you cook! Important for keeping you organized and your meal on track and also makes you look like you know what you’re doing. A good first impression on date night!

A couple simple Date Night tricks:

  1. A candle can go a long way to class up your dorm room or lounge area. A little effort can make the difference. Same goes for a table cloth.
  2. Know what time you are going to eat, nothing worse than a miserable “hangry” date. If you say dinner is at 6 pm, don’t start cooking at 6 pm.
  3. If you can and your date is up for it always look for opportunities to get them involved!

Good Luck! Happy Dating!




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  1. Dians Cooks says:

    thanks for the tips! lol

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