Paella in many ways is the perfect date night meal, first of all it’s delicious which is always a good start and second it warms you up from the inside and makes you feel all happy and comfy. The one problem with this is it’s not a once a week or every day type of item because depending on what you add it can be a little pricey and it can take a while so you want to start it a little earlier than most dinners you would prepare.

The past two times I have made paella were Valentine’s Day and the first Friday of lent. That’s another thing about Paella, perfect for a group date if you are serving another couple or your family. The way I do it is I leave it right on the stovetop when it is done and I let everyone go up and make a plate for themselves with a couple nice big scoops.

The versatility of Paella makes it perfect for serving even the pickiest of eaters, you can leave out some ingredients like chorizo sausage and opt for only seafood which I did for lent or you can add in sausage and chicken and a save on some of the more expensive seafood if whoever you are making it for isn’t a big seafood eater. Paella is always a big hit and you can make it in just about any skillet, they have paella pans but a wide skillet with a lid works just as well.


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