Date Night: Dining Out

I love to cook and I love the idea of cooking for a date night whenever possible, BUT sometimes it is nice to give yourself a break and let someone else do the cooking. So if you are thinking it is time for a night out and a nice dinner here’s my take.

As a college student, I know that making decisions can be difficult, so plan it out ahead of time, don’t get in the car and say “So where do you want to eat?” Pick a place and look at the menu before even so when your date asks what do they have you can even let them know a little about the type of food they have at the restaurant. Also, CLEAN YOUR CAR, it can definitely ruin the night if your date riding shotgun to the restaurant in a smelly, empty water, and granola bar wrapper filled car- kinda talking to myself here, but I know I’m not the only one. Garbage is definitely not something you want around your date (unless you’re going to get garbage plates).

Alright, so your car is clean and you know where you are going to eat, now what? It’s a good idea to call and try to make a reservation or see if they take reservations. Especially, if it is a new place to you and you don’t know how busy it is going to be. Unless you have ninety minutes of conversation locked and loaded while you wait for a table. The last and maybe most important thing is to be on time! I mentioned this in my Tips and Tricks post for preparing a meal for date night, the same can be said for going out.

Go try these four ideas on your next date night and you’re sure to get a second date!


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